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Image by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández

About Arcataur

Arcataur investing in bull and bear markets

The name ARCATAUR is celestial based. Reliable and stellar performance is our goal and is achieved through our diligent, thorough and disciplined approach. The name is derived from blending Arktos, the bear-guard star, and Taurus, the bull star.

Arcataur was established in 2003 to provide superior investment management and excellent service for a clientele desiring separately managed portfolios. Arcataur believes that experienced investment professionals, using a disciplined investment process, will consistently add value to client portfolios. Arcataur maintains a commitment to client service that fosters dynamic, ongoing client relationships and enables us to assist clients with their investment needs.

Typically, our clients come to us because:

  • They have managed their own portfolios and are disappointed with the results.

  • They do not have the expertise or the resources to sort through the thousands of investment options available.

  • They would like professional help managing their assets. They realize they are under-diversified and are paying the price with volatility.

  • They want an investment plan that offers competitive risk-adjusted performance – helping them achieve their goals.

  • They are dissatisfied with the level of attention and customization they are receiving from their current financial advisor.

  • They have invested in the same security repeatedly, because the multiple stocks and funds they hold all invest in the same company’s stock.

  • They have an unbalanced portfolio – they have put too many eggs in one basket and have suffered a severe drop in portfolio value due to overexposure to one industry or asset class.

  • They have tried to time the market – they have guessed at the market’s ups and downs and have gotten it wrong.

  • They have assets that have grown beyond the scope of doing it themselves.

  • They are rollover investors receiving a retirement distribution, or they are retirees who need protection and retirement income.

    At Arcataur, we build your portfolio based on your investment objectives. Your tax concerns, your current investments, and your future needs are all considered. We can help you diversify your assets, manage your risk, find the right asset allocation for your situation and implement the plan. You can access the expertise of Arcataur’s institutional-quality investment managers and be confident your investments are managed with objective expertise backed by extensive research.

    A customized approach. A sound process. Institutional-caliber experience and expertise. A true Fiduciary. You can enjoy the confidence, security and freedom that come with a wise choice: Arcataur Capital Management

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