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Arcataur Large Capitalization Equity Portfolio

The Arcataur Large Capitalization Equity Portfolio provides investors a separately managed account consisting of high quality, blue chip stocks which offer growth opportunities at a reasonable price. We believe that our disciplined, top-down approach, combined with company specific fundamental analysis, will provide above average long-term growth, while at the same time explicitly controlling for portfolio risk. The investment objective is to consistently outperform the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average on a total return basis.


  • High quality, blue chip stocks and growth at a reasonable price style
  • Top down approach
  • Fundamental analysis focus on financial and operating quality
  • Valuation considerations lead to a diversified core style
  • Technical analysis is utilized for timing decisions
  • Portfolio construction utilizes the "65/15" principle for portfolio weighting
  • Recognizing dominant investment themes also reinforces the discipline to hold fast in the face of adverse short-term developments
  • Investment for long-term growth at reasonable prices, by structuring
    portfolios around selected investment themes with staying power; these themes reflect economic and social forces shaping business
    opportunities for several years at a time


Portfolio Strategy


Investment process
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Arcataur Capital Composite Performance


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