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Arcataur Investment Grade Fixed Income Portfolio

The Arcataur Investment Grade Fixed Income Portfolio offers investors a separately managed account focusing on treasuries, agency securities, corporate bonds, certificates of deposit, preferred stocks and, for its tax sensitive clients, municipal bonds, with an average portfolio credit rating target of A. These direct investments are augmented with the utilization of broad index-type bond ETFs to enhance liquidity and diversification. Our fixed income strategy is to actively manage portfolios to generate conservative risk-adjusted total return. Our focus is to preserve capital while generating current income.




  • Conservative risk-adjusted returns that preserve capital and generate current income
  • Actively manage credit risk, while minimizing interest and liquidity risk
  • Macro assessment creates an intermediate-term interest rate outlook
  • Sector selection focuses on treasuries, agencies, corporates, certificates of deposit, preferred stocks, and municipals for tax-sensitive clients
  • Portfolio construction focuses on fundamental credit analysis and extensive cash flow analysis.
  • Investment grade focus with a targeted average portfolio credit rating of A
  • Portfolio can be customized to meet specific cash flow needs of the client
  • Turnover in the Arcataur Investment Grade Fixed Income Portfolio typically is low
  • Provides current income for balanced accounts and insulates portfolios from inherent equity market volatility
  • Maturity and duration targets are set in the context of factors such as monetary policy, inflation trends and economic cycles




Investment process
Arcataur Investment Grade Fixed Income Portfolio printable version


Arcataur Capital Composite Performance


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