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Products & Performance

The focus of Arcataur and the mission of its founders remains constant - to provide outstanding service and investment performance to each client on an individual basis. Arcataur believes that understanding each client's individual needs is the foundation for a successful investment advisory relationship.



We begin each relationship by addressing the following key issues:

  • Understanding the client's investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • Establishing an appropriate investment approach and guidelines.
  • Selecting the best investment portfolio to meet these needs.
  • Determining an ongoing plan for communicating with each client to discuss performance results, portfolio strategies, and our financial market outlook.

Investment performance for our clients is of paramount importance, but we make sure our clients receive excellent service as well. Our mission is to build long-term wealth for our clients, and provide the highest level of client service. Client needs are the reason we are in business. Communication is not incidental to what we do - it is integral to our success and yours. Specific absolute and relative performance reporting is an important part of the service we provide to our clients.

Our first objective is to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives. We balance risk tolerance with how long your time horizon is, your income needs and tax considerations. The goal is to protect, preserve and enhance your investments through an asset allocation strategy intended to control risk and volatility while providing the potential for long-term growth. Diversification is a key part of our investment management strategy. Depending on your situation, your portfolio may be diversified across a full range of asset classes, including stocks, bonds and cash. This approach is designed to help protect against fluctuations in any single asset group, while also positioning your portfolio to benefit from a variety of potential market opportunities over time. Our investment solutions emphasize consistency and discipline. This means we stick closely to our plan for asset allocation and diversification. We believe this solution is a sound way to pursue attractive growth while also working to control exposure to market risks.

Our investment process follows the highly disciplined and personal approach that consultants and institutional money managers have used for years to oversee the country's largest endowment, foundation and pension assets. Beginning with a detailed outline of your current financial situation, and a thorough understanding of your objectives, we construct a personalized investment strategy to meet those goals. We implement the strategy, and we continue to monitor and manage your strategy as the financial markets and your financial needs shift over time. The result? A customized solution designed specifically to meet your investment goals. All of the major Arcataur product offerings focus on quality investments in the context of a separate and actively managed account. The Arcataur product offerings are as follows:

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