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Arcataur Managed Balance Portfolio

The Arcataur Managed Balance Portfolio offers investors a separately managed account which seeks to preserve capital during difficult market periods while allowing growth opportunity in good market conditions. The investment objective is to seek the competitive returns of the Arcataur Large Capitalization Equity Portfolio in conjunction with the lower volatility characteristics and the current income generated from holding fixed income investments of the Arcataur Investment Grade Fixed Income Portfolio.


  • Allocation to different asset classes and markets will have the largest impact on the growth of your investments over time; we work closely with clients to establish and maintain an asset mix that reflects their lifestyle, aspirations, liquidity needs and growth objectives
  • Core stock/bond range is 45% to 75% equities; more conservative or aggressive ranges can be established to achieve specific client needs
  • Relative stock/bond attractiveness model and fundamental analysis guide position within the range
  • Macro assessment done on a team approach focusing on corporate earnings, interest rates and financial risk premium
  • Bond exposure follows Investment Grade Fixed Income Portfolio
  • Direct common stocks will primarily be Large Capitalization Equity Portfolio
  • Small capitalization, mid-capitalization and international equity diversification will be included primarily through broad index-based exchange traded funds
  • Clients benefit from active asset management and active asset allocation
Portfolio Strategy


Investment process
Managed Balance
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