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Rock Balancing

Arcataur Overview

Arcataur is committed to utilizing our extensive experience of economic and financial markets and to perform fundamental in-depth company analysis to create balanced investment portfolios with solid performance for our clients. We are founded on the principles of integrity, true fiduciary duty, and dedication with a focus on professional and ethical service to our clients, while never losing sight of the human side of our business and our efforts.

Arcataur Doorway

Arcataur was established to provide superior investment management services and excellent services for a clientele desiring separately managed portfolios. Arcataur believes that experienced investment professionals using a disciplined investment process will consistently add value to client portfolios. Arcataur maintains a commitment to client service that fosters dynamic, ongoing client relationships and enables us to assist clients with their investment needs as a fiduciary.


Our overriding goal is to provide investment returns that are superior to those of competing advisors and mutual funds. We strive to provide investment returns that, with reasonable consistency and over extended periods of time, will exceed the average returns achieved by competing managers and funds with comparable investment policies and risk characteristics. Our confidence to achieve this objective is based on the skill of our investment managers and on our low costs. Arcataur is keenly aware that every dollar of expenses, including trading costs and management fees, reduces the total return to our clients. Arcataur understands the idea of being a good shepherd of capital, and the importance of long-term staying power and compounding.


We believe financial markets reward knowledge and discipline. Investors face enormous complexity in managing their financial affairs. Our fundamental expertise is to provide both discipline and structure to help clients move in the direction they wish with their investments. We build portfolios aimed at delivering above-average returns while minimizing the chances of substantial short-term disappointment.


We believe our way is the way to manage serious money:


  • Focus. We invest in direct securities in a disciplined approach. And we’re proud of it. We choose very carefully which investments we can successfully manage and add value for our clients as a Fiduciary.

  • Client Service. Clients are the very foundation of our business. Client service is how we protect and enhance that foundation.

  • Discipline, Dedication, Diligence and Integrity. By not chasing every trend, we earn client trust in our ability to handle their money in a predictable and ultimately profitable way. We adhere to our philosophy and investment approach. We also recognize that our greatest asset is the trust and confidence of our clients. Hard work, ethical conduct and client commitment is how we earn that trust and confidence.

  • Diversification. True diversification is more than diversifying by company. It also requires diversification by industry, capitalization and investment style. An integral component of Arcataur’s process is an initial and ongoing evaluation and monitoring of the diversification of client portfolios.

  • Independence. Operating as an independent firm gives us flexibility that we could never have as part of a large organization – flexibility to acquire needed resources, to determine and implement strategy quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, to focus singularly on the interests of clients.

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